Westfalia's palletless automated parking system at 500 Walnut

500 Walnut Automates Parking with Westfalia Technologies

Leading manufacturer of parking systems unveils first-of-its-kind automated parking technology. Opened in early 2018, 500 Walnut was the first project in the U.S. to utilize Westfalia’s new palletless parking system. 

Ian Todd, Director of Automated Parking Systems, Westfalia

Benefits of Automated Parking for Developers

With more cars on the road, developers now need to provide ample parking to accommodate them on top of tight budget constraints and already limited building footprints, particularly in congested cities. Firms who are struggling with parking in their developments might want to begin to consider a smarter, more innovative solution – automation. Automated parking garages offer developers several benefits over traditional garages, including improved space utilization, reduced costs, lessened environmental impact and a luxurious user experience.