Time-tested AS/RS for the parking industry

AS/RS are perfectly suited for parking

In the simplest of terms, an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) is used to store and retrieve inventory in a facility. Using a combination of robotics, equipment and controls, an AS/RS optimally stores, retrieves and handles goods within a warehouse. An AS/RS adobts the idea of 'bringing the product to the worker' as opposed to the worker retrieving the product. Often an AS/RS can minimize your overall building footprint by 50%, providing increased storage in the same (if not smaller) amount of space. 

Westfalia specializes in high-density AS/RS tighly integrated with a warehouse execution system (WES) software. A WES both manages and executes the workflow of an operation utilizing an AS/RS. The AS/RS-WES duo provides real-time insight into both inbound and outbound inventory. 

A modern AS/RS offers designs that adapt to every business model and product and is now one of the chief technologies making waves in the parking industry. 

The AS/RS industry is mature, and along with that, the technology has been proven across many industries, including parking. Most of the advancements an end customer will see are stability of systems and robustness of equipment. Along with this comes the user-friendliness of software interfaces and the accessibility to operational metrics the parking industry is looking for.

An AS/RS comprises five essential components:

A rack system to store product

A conveyor system to move goods to and from the AS/RS and dock areas

A crane/storage and retrieval machine (S/RM) that runs on a floor rail using regenerative braking

Warehouse execution system software to control, track and optimize all product movements

A load-handling device/shuttle to move product form the crane to the rack location