Experience automated parking with Westfalia

Every journey is connected with a destination, such as the workplace, shopping center or your home. Once the destination has been reached, every car needs a parking space.

While the number of cars worldwide is growing, the number of parking spaces are becoming more scarce. Consumer demand for immediacy is raising the bar for parking garages to adopt new technologies to stay competitive, pushing operators to be more efficient in managing parking operations. In urban areas the search for a parking space is becoming an exhaustive and nerve-wracking experience.

Automated parking systems provide you with the ability to differentiate yourself and your projects against competitors while increasing return on capital. Convenience, safety and prestige can all be garnered from an automated parking system.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Preserving building asthetics is important for property owners, builders, resident and local authorities. Westfalia's compact automated parking system soolves the need for increases parking spaces while preserving building asthetics because less space is needed and you have the option to build underground.

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Environmentally Friendly

Westfalia's automated car parking systems reduce emissions by 20% to 30% compared to conventional parking garages. The automated nature of our system reduces these harmful emissions because driving in the garage is now eliminated. An automated parking garage also requires less building space, leading to a reduction in land needed.

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Increase Capacity

Westfalia's automated parking solutions provide increased parking spaces using less square footage than a conventional ramp-style parking garage. Westfalia specializes in both single-deep and multiple-deep parking systems. The combined effect of this increase in density with multiple vertical levels of parking can enable the success of a real estate project.

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Enhanced Safety and Convenience

No longer do you have to drive through a dark parking garage only to find out there are no more parking spaces left. A Westfalia parking system runs almost out of sight. Once a vehicle is parked and the occupants safely leave the illuminated and spacious entry cabin area, the system transports the vehicle to a designated parking space in the garage.

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