Westfalia's parking solutions proves there is no need to compromise between strong functionality and preserving the aesthetic quality of a building

There is no contradiction between strong functionality and preservation of building aesthetics. Westfalia's automated parking systems can be integrated into every design allowing the face of the street or neighboring townscape to remain unchanged. All of our automated parking systems are planned with your designs in mind, providing flexibility to adapt to difficult space requirements.

Property owners, operating firms and local authorities use the advantages of Westfalia's parking solutions to solve local shortages of parking spaces. In doing so, they rely on the interaction between function, aesthetics and the environment to create the ideal compact parking solution.

The typical look and feel of a city street is preserved due to the fact the technology disappears inside a building or underground. Only an entry point or driveway is visible from the street. Westfalia’s automated car parking systems eliminate ramps, driveways, maneuvering space and stairwells, requiring less space to park cars and increasing parking space utilization.