Westfalia parking systems are safe, secure and easy for drivers

Our parking systems provide users with a comfortable, safe and easy-to-use parking experience. All of our automated parking solutions are designed with safety in mind for both the user and the vehicle. Users no longer have to maneuver through dark parking garages or deserted underground garages. 

Parking in a Westfalia automated system is stress- and worry-free. Parking and retrieving a vehicle is a simple process with short waiting times. A feeling of safety comes from the well-lit transfer cabin providing a welcoming ambience. In most cases the transfer cabin will also have a surveillance system for increased safety and ease-of mind. 

Westfalia’s “safety-first” concept also applies to your vehicle. Because of the automated nature of the parking system, potential vehicle damage caused by maneuvering through a parking garage is eliminated. The vehicle storage and retrieval machine automatically stores vehicles with their engines off and are inaccessible to the public, eliminating the worry about scratches, theft and vandalism. 

How it Works:

As simple as taking your car to the car wash

STEP 1: 

Upon reaching the parking facility, the outer door will open automatically by identifying the vehicle via a transponder or ticket machine. This process identifies the vehicle and allows the Westfalia Parking System to open the appropriate entry cabin door as well. The driver enters one of several queuing lanes where they are advised via an overhead LED (red/green) screen to proceed to the available transfer cabin. Upon entering the transfer cabin, the driver positions the vehicle by following the directions and prompts.  


The driver exits the vehicle, leaves the transfer cabin and proceeds to swipe a fob or credit card at a kiosk conveniently located outside the transfer cabin. The driver is required to answer several questions and confirm each response to ensure that all living things are removed and hand-brakes are pulled (if manual transmission) before the car is stored. 


The storage and retrieval of a vehicle is accomplished with a Lift and a Transfer Car working in conjunction with one another. Once the patron is clear of the transfer cabin and has confirmed by pressing “enter” on the screen after reading the questions, the garage door closes. The Lift raises or lowers the vehicle from the transfer cabin level and sends a confirmation signal to the Savanna.NET® parking control system once it is located at the proper parking level. Using Westfalia’s Satellite® technology, the car is transfered from the Lift to the Transfer Car. The Transfer Car moves the vehicle laterally to the designated parking space where the vehicle is stored.  


To retrieve a vehicle, a vehicle owner will swipe a fob, ticket or credit card at a kiosk. A Transfer Car will retrieve the vehicle from its parking space, slide laterally and transfer the vehicle to a Lift. The Lift will ascend to the ground floor and allow the patron to get inside the vehicle once positioned.