Leifsgade, Copenhagen – Reliable automated parking for almost 10 years

Anti-aging secrets for automated parking systems

In a mechanical system such as an automated parking system, both the high availability and how long the system is reliable for are crucial investment criteria. Choosing an experienced system provider with many years of expertise and smooth-running installations is just one aspect of how reliability can be guaranteed.

Multi-family trends in automated parking | ULI Philadelphia Real Estate Forecast

ULI Philadelphia’s Annual Real Estate Forecast Event Recap

The 19th annual ULI Philadelphia Real Estate Forecast brought together over 500 ULI members and real estate professionals to hear the perspectives of leading experts in the retail, hospitality, industrial, multi-family and office sectors. Here are some of the key takeaways from the program focused on a year of transformation.

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Parking Management and Solutions for Small Spaces

Properties need parking spaces, but parking lots eat up valuable street-level real estate and can have a negative impact on the aesthetics. Traditional parking garages carry with them other liabilities for property owners and developers, such as public safety concerns and pollution. Fortunately, there is a solution for developers and property owners that want to optimize their properties while still satisfying the need for parking. 

Safety benefits of automated parking - 500 Walnut Street

Adaptive Reuse – The Evolution Of The Parking Garage

Adaptive reuse has been a hot topic for the parking industry. The public wants efficient, secure, and appealing buildings to create an experience that encapsulates an entire city—and a cement parking garage doesn’t fit that future. The future may be adaptive reuse,or the idea of building a structure that can be used for many options and can evolve with the city without demolishing it and rebuilding. 

Westfalia's parking solutions within 500 Walnut Street. AIA Expo 2018

AIA Conference on Architecture: Building better cities, one parking space at a time

Westfalia’s Ian Todd, director of automated parking systems, recently attended the American Institute of Architects Conference on Architecture in New York City. Discover how this year’s theme, “Blueprint for Better Cities,” and the limitations of small plots in urban areas led to in depth conversations about the benefits of automated parking solutions.

Automated parking for cities | Westfalia Parking

How Smart Parking Systems Can Positively Change Cities

Like all issues of urban planning, parking is an issue of utilizing available space in the most effective and efficient way. However, it also connects to larger urban issues such as pollution and public safety. Finding a solution to the parking issue that can address all of these issues is the challenge for the urban planners of the future, but the answer may already exist. Automated parking solutions.

Safety benefits of automated parking - 500 Walnut Street

How Automated Parking Systems Are Safer

By implementing automated parking solutions at a commercial or residential properties, developers and property owners can create parking that is much safer for their customers and reduce their liabilities.