How Automated Parking Works Demo | 500 Walnut

This innovative technology effortlessly stores vehicles within a parking facility, eliminating the need for drivers to circle enormous lots or garages looking for spots. 

To begin the process, a driver enters the transfer cabin and exits the car. Then, a robotic lift secures the wheels and carries the vehicle to an available parking space. When the owner wants to use the car again, he or she simply scans a fob to activate the retrieval system. 

Among the many benefits Westfalia’s technology can provide, flexibility, sustainability and enhanced public safety are topmost. If you’re curious about how automated parking works, click here. Then, reach out to Westfalia today to see how our solutions could transform your property. 

Have you ever wondered how a palletless automated parking system works? Westfalia installed an 86-space palletless parking system at 500 Walnut in Philadelphia, PA. Take a look inside the system and watch the parking process from start to finish.