Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Capacity:

    • 408 parking spaces
    • 4 transfer cabins
    • 8 transfer cars with lifting Satellite®
    • 4 vertical lifts
  • Size:

    • 2,200 sqm base area
    • 4 levels


  • Automated Parking system for mixed used in Leifsgade, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Transfer garage at Leifsgade, Copenhagen
  • Single transfer car on each of the 4 levels of the automated parking garage
  • Vehicles are stored front-facing on a concrete pallet in the automated garage
  • A transfer car moved the vehicles to the designated area for storage
  • Entrance to the automated parking garage in Leifsgade, Copenhagen
  • User kiosk is located outside of the transfer cabin to store and retrieve your vehicle
  • Vehicle enters the transfer cabin to be stored in the automated parking garage
  • Instructions are provided on a screen to guide the vehicle into place