• Capacity:

    • 456 parking and self storage spaces
    • 1 vehicle transfer cabins
    • 1 S/RM
  • Size:

    • 10ft X 20ft vehicle handling pallet
    • 5 levels


  • Ultra-secure and climate controlled environment
  • Mixed-use luxury storage facility 
  • Flexible module configuration
  • Convienient 24/7 access with PIN code and biometric recognition
  • Ability to withstand category 5 hurricanes with 200mph winds
  • Back-up generator for up to 14 days of continuous power in the event of a failure


  • Automated parking at RoboVault Self Storage Facility
  • Vehicle is rotated on a turntable in the automated storage facility in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Vehicle enters the storage facility on a concrete pallet
  • RoboVault ultra-luxury storage facility houses Ferrari
  • Storage and Retrieval machine at RoboVault automated storage facility
  • Vehicle stored on a pallet in the automated facility
  • Vehicle rotates on a turntable in the automated parking garage


  • South Florida use hi-tech to keep residents happy