Global solutions with a local committment to service

Westfalia recognizes the importance of providing a service team dedicated to the support of our customers. Our service department consists of mechanics, who provide preventative and emergency service, as well as software and controls technicians who can support a system remotely. In addition, Westfalia has significant engineering and manufacturing resources to solve any issues that may surface because we are the original equipment manufacturer. We have the people that design and program these systems working in-house.

One of the things that I really appreciated about Westfalia was that they took their time, they did it right. Frequent touchpoints with them [Westfalia] allowed us to build a very solid relationship, which went hand-in-hand with any troubleshooting and general communication throughout installation and service. - Georgia Glattly, Property Manager, Palisades of Towson, a Southern Management Company

24/7 Support

Full time support is available under all service contracts and allows the customer to call our support hotline any time, day or night. Assuming remote access is granted, we will connect to the system and establish a response strategy as soon as possible. This could involve simple instructions on how to clear a fault (faults can be cleared by Westfalia or by the customer), or involve the deployment of a service resource. History has shown that most faults are easily cleared remotely. These events may trigger future preventative measures to reduce or eliminate the fault from reoccurring.


It is recommended that a client staff member be present during the operations of the system. Most people are aware that anything can happen when dealing with un-trained users of the parking system and, for this reason, Westfalia provides operational training to those who will engage with the automated parking garage during its use. This training can be accomplished at the project site and/or at Westfalia's factory.

Spare Parts

Westfalia recommends a spare parts package to every customer. It is important to have commonly used spare parts onsite for immediate replacement. Westfalia stands behind all of the spare parts offered and maintains a complete stock of spares in its factory for replenishment.

Service Programs Available

Several types of programs are available, from reactive, where the customer calls Westfalia for service, to very proactive, where Westfalia assumes responsibility for all service work including parts replacements. The price for these programs vary and are based on size, complexity and usage. It is therefore difficult to have one plan that fits all applications. We generally review the applications and cater the service plan to meet the budget and system characteristics.

Westfalia's maintenance options