Parking systems built on solid logistics expertise

Globally, Westfalia is a household name in the material handling, supply chain and logistics industries. Known in many verticals as a leader in automated storage/ retrieval systems (AS/RS) and warehouse execution systems (WES), Westfalia capitalizes on its existing core competencies in warehouse automation with parking solutions.

Our Mission

Westfalia's mission is to be the leading supplier of automated parking systems worldwide through cutting-edge, time-tested equipment, service and customer success.

Our History

Westfalia is a premier manufacturer and installer of automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), known worldwide for its automated material handling, automated distribution centers and automated parking garages. Westfalia has been committed to warehouse automation for over 50 years. What originated as a small producer of OEM conveyor parts in the early 1970s in Germany, is now a leading provider of automated storage solutions.

Westfalia WFT-Fordertechnik GmbH & Co. was founded in Borgholzhausen, Germany in 1971. After recognizing that the pallet was the future of material handling, Westfalia developed products to address the problems the industry faced, originally developing and marketing powered pallet flow systems. Ten years later, the company positioned itself as a supplier of automated warehousing systems with the introduction of a fully automated storage and retrieval machine. With continued growth and improvements, U.S.-based, Westfalia Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1992. Capitalizing on the successes and innovations of the automated pallet handling system, Westfalia both in Europe and the US expanded its services in 2001 to offer fully automatic parking solutions.

All products from Westfalia are manufactured in either York, Pa., or Borgholzhausen, Germany. With approximately 200,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities, Westfalia Technologies, Inc. and Westfalia Europe are affiliated through common private ownership. Both companies provide the same deliverables with Westfalia Technologies, Inc. servicing North and South America and Westfalia Logistics Solution Europe GmbH & Co. KG servicing Europe and the Middle East.

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