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Westfalia Automated Parking Solutions - Where Investment in Quality Pays Off

Westfalia's automated parking systems promise reliability and consistency. With over 50 years of global experience in warehouse automation systems across industries, our time-tested technology ensures quality handling of vehicles and a reliable investment for building owners.

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One of the most pressing problems in the current urban environment is parking. Not only do traditional parking lots and garages take valuable real estate that could be used for other purposes, but they also present public safety and environmental concerns. Fortunately for civic planners and property developers, automated robotic car parking systems offer car parking solutions that can eliminate many of these issues. Westfalia’s parking solutions have been on the forefront of this technology for years. Our complete advanced parking systems can be the solution your development has been seeking.

How Automated Parking Systems Work

Westfalia's automated parking systems are designed and manufactured in the US and utilize advanced robotic technology to park and retrieve cars inside a secure garage. Drivers gain access to the garage with the use of an automated identification system that activates the outer doors. The driver then enters the transfer area, where he or she gets out of the car and once safely out of the transfer area, the automated system transfers the car to the secure parking space.

Once the driver is ready to leave, the automated system retrieves the car after using an automated identification system to identify the vehicle. After the vehicle is returned to the transfer area, the driver gets in and drives away. Simple.

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A Better Way to Park

A robotic parking system from Westfalia's parking solutions provides property owners with several advantages, including:

Safer for drivers:

Not only do automated parking solutions drastically reduce the risk of accidents while parking, but because the garage is closed to people, there’s a much lower risk of assaults or robberies that can happen in a traditional parking lot or garage. Learn more


Drivers who spend time circling parking lots looking for spaces contribute excess emissions. However, an automated parking system from Westfalia Parking Solutions makes it possible for cars to be parked with their engines off, reducing emissions. Learn more

More efficient use of space:

Your parking structure can be built underground, leaving more of your real estate available for other uses. Because the system doesn't require drivers to find their own spaces, there's more room for parking cars, as well. Learn More

Astounding aesthetics:

Modern designs and materials mean that drab, concrete gray parking structures are a thing of the past. Automated parking technologies can be integrated architecturally with surrounding properties, adding to the appeal of the entire area. Learn More

Automated Parking Mobile App

Automated parking has never been more efficient, safe, and convenient. Our easy-to-use, customizable app is taking the parking user experience to another level by offering a contactless experience, by-the-second tracking, quick vehicle retrieval, and seamless integration. We're bringing our global automated parking solutions right to your smartphone.

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The Westfalia Parking Difference

With a 50-year history of manufacturing and installing automated systems, our expertise has been successfully applied to the parking sector using the same proven technologies as in our automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) with our robotic car parking systems. Automation companies require scale to succeed and to ensure long-term support for their customers. Our business is not entirely dependent on one sector of the economy, which allows us to fall back on other industries to gain stability in sales and provide job security.

We’re proud of our accomplishments as one of the nation’s leading automated parking system manufacturers, and we’re eager to show you how we can leverage our decades of experience and cutting-edge technology to serve your property’s parking needs. Modern problems require forward-thinking solutions. Our complete automated parking system solutions can be the answer you need for your property’s parking needs. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about how Westfalia can provide an automated solution for you. Or, reach out to us today to discuss a project with one of our experts.

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