One of the most pressing problems in the current urban environment is parking. Not only do traditional parking lots and garages take valuable real estate that could be used for other purposes, but they also present public safety and environmental concerns. Fortunately for civic planners and property developers, automated robotic car parking systems offer car parking solutions that can eliminate many of these issues. As leading car parking system manufacturer, Westfalia’s automated solutions have been on the forefront of this technology for years. Our complete advanced parking systems can be the solution your development has been seeking.

How Automated Parking Solutions Work

The automated parking systems designed and built by Westfalia utilize advanced robotic technology to park and retrieve cars inside a secure garage. Drivers gain access to the garage with the use of an automated identification system that activates the outer doors. The driver then enters the transfer area, where he or she gets out of the car and once safely out of the transfer area, the automated system transfers the car to the secure parking space.

Once the driver is ready to leave, the automated system retrieves the car after using an automated identification system to identify the vehicle. After the vehicle is returned to the transfer area, the driver gets in and drives away. Simple.

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A Better Way to Park

An automated parking garage from Westfalia's parking solutions provides property owners with several advantages, including: