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Safe, secure and easy-to-use

Parking is one of the most pressing needs in the modern urban landscape, but providing parking comes at a cost. Parking lots and garages eat valuable real estate, contribute to pollution and create public safety hazards that make them necessary evils in many ways for developers. However, automated parking systems from Westfalia offer a much more appealing alternative to the traditional parking paradigms for property owners and drivers. With our secure, easy-to-use and efficient parking systems, parking no longer has to be a liability for property owners in the urban environment.

Westfalia’s palletless automated parking system use advanced satellite technology and robotic systems to park cars as easily for drivers as running through a car wash. The benefits include less time idling, the certainty of knowing a parking space will be available, and the security of parking where the driver and the car will be kept safe from any outside threats.

Here’s a brief overview of how our automated parking systems work for drivers and their cars. For more detailed information, contact Westfalia and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Upon reaching the parking facility, the outer door will open automatically by identifying the vehicle via an automated identification system such as a transponder or ticket machine. This process identifies the vehicle and allows the Westfalia system to open the appropriate transfer area door as well. Upon entering the transfer cabin, the driver positions the vehicle by following the directions and prompts.


The driver exits the vehicle, leaves the transfer cabin, and proceeds to swipe a fob or credit card at a kiosk conveniently located outside the transfer cabin. The driver is required to answer several questions and confirm each response to ensure, for example, that all living things are removed and hand-brake is pulled (if the car has a manual transmission) before the car is stored.


The storage of a vehicle is typically accomplished with vehicle lifts and transfer cars working in conjunction with each other. Once the patron is clear of the transfer cabin and has confirmed by pressing “enter” on the screen after reading the questions, the transfer area door closes. The vehicle lift raises or lowers the vehicle from the transfer cabin level. Using Westfalia’s Satellite® technology, the car is transferred from the vehicle lift to the Transfer Car. The Transfer Car moves the vehicle laterally to the designated parking space where the vehicle is stored.


To retrieve a vehicle, a vehicle owner will typically swipe a fob, ticket or credit card at a kiosk. A Transfer Car will retrieve the vehicle from its parking space, slide laterally and transfer the vehicle to a vehicle lift. The vehicle lift will ascend or descend to the transfer area and once safe to do so, the transfer area door is opened to allow the patron to get inside the vehicle and drive out.