Software that runs your entire parking management system

From the moment a vehicle enters the entry cabin of the automated parking garage, Westfalia's parking control system (PCS) Savanna.NET® has complete control of the entire parking process.

Savanna.NET PCS is responsible for managing, controlling and orchestrating the moves to store and retrieve vehicles. This automated parking management system and software provides inventory accuracies not easily achievable through manual systems. The intelligent parking software can shuffle vehicles based on certain user information to reduce wait times.

Easy to Use Parking System Software

parking system softwareSavanna.NET® uses a flat layout, making the functionality of the parking garage management software complete but easy-to-use and resulting in faster operation and reduced training time. The idea is not to navigate through a complicated set of nested menus and windows to find the required activity.

Savanna.NET PCS is built using Microsoft’s .NET® technology, allowing Westfalia to provide ongoing software releases to ensure the most up-to-date system is employed. This programming model has gained wide acceptance within the last few years, providing faster startup, reduction in response time and cost for add-ons and other maintenance of the system. Westfalia's Gold Partnership status with Microsoft ensures the latest technology is always incorporated into the software.

Westfalia’s Savanna.NET PCS is a complete solution with one point of contact for questions and support.

Functionality and Features:

The Savanna.NET PCS provides instructions to people or machines by issuing “missions” that direct the movement of vehicles from one location to another. These missions are sent using either a wired network or wireless network (RF). The car park management system and software will track all vehicles in storage and provide statistics on all missions completed via a wireless Ethernet link. Savanna.NET PCS has the following broad categories of operations: 

Vehicle Storage

As vehicles are identified, the computer automatically generates routing or storage missions. These are based on pre-programmed storage and throughput optimizing algorithms and employ rules established early on in the design phase. For example, the automated parking system will ensure that SUVs are always stored in levels high enough to allow them to be stored there.   

The system will also assign areas to store the car based on frequency of operation. Those cars deemed to be high frequency cars can be stored in zones that are closest to the entry cabins to minimize travel distance of the transfer car. 

Vehicle Retrieval

Vehicles are retrieved on demand and sent to one of the vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs)/lifts. Retrieval processes vary but are usually based on first come, first served rules.

Parking Space Optimization

Parking space optimization activities often result in re-storing missions generated for certain vehicles that are stored more than one deep.  For example, if vehicle one is located behind vehicle two and vehicle one is to be retrieved, the system will automatically re-store vehicle two to access vehicle one for car parking management.   

Data Integrity

Westfalia uses Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle for database management, providing for the ultimate in security and availability of important data. The system will be installed with hardware and software to maintain the integrity of the server and the database. 

Savanna.NET PCS is written for electronic interchange with virtually any computer hardware/software platforms and designed to take advantage of multiple processors under the Windows operating systems with no software changes.