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The Future of Parking: A Guide to Westfalia's Automated Parking Systems

One of the greatest challenges growing cities face is parking capacity. Street parking, parking lots and garages take up an incredible amount of valuable land that could be repurposed for better, more economical and environmentally friendly uses. That's why Westfalia designed a better way to park! Westfalia has over 50 years of expertise in automated storage solutions. Using that same technology and know-how, we reimagined the way to park. Westfalia’s automated parking systems (APS) use advanced robotic technology to park and retrieve cars inside a secure garage.

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Choosing an APS Supplier: Lessons Learned from Europe

While the topic of automated parking systems (APSs) is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, the adoption of these systems has been a slow process compared to Europe and many other parts of the world. So, what lessons about adopting automated parking systems can the U.S. learn from Europe, where they’ve been implementing automated parking systems for decades?

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Saving Space with an Automated Parking Garage

As more people move to big cities, developers need to provide sufficient parking to accomodate a growing number of vehicles, despite tight budget constraints and an already limited building footprint. However, those developers who are looking to make the maximum use of their space might consider a smarter, more innovative solutions - automated parking.

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Benefits of Automated Parking for Developers

With more cars on the road, developers now need to provide ample parking to accomodate them - on top of tight budget constraints and already limited building footprints. Automated parking garages offer developers several benefits over traditional garages...

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