2014 Dubai, UAE 1,053 parking spaces

Conrad Hotel & Office Tower

Increasing parking space availability by decreasing footprint with the world's second largest automated parking system

Being the contractor for Conrad Hilton's Hotel & Office Tower in Dubai, Private Property Management (PPM) was looking for a space-saving and time-efficient solution to maximize the number of available parking places. By implementing an automated car parking solution, PPM was one of the pioneers of such technologies in Dubai and the UAE. Consistent with Dubai´s motto of “the bigger the better,” the system is the world´s second largest automated parking garage - accommodating 1,053 cars.

Westfalia's Solution:
Drivers pull their vehicle up to one of the eight entry cabins (at ground level) and answer a few short questions that will appear on the display screen about the security of their vehicle. Once the vehicle is secured and all people have cleared the area, the vehicle is moved onto a lift to be handed over to a transfer car delivering the vehicle to its allocated storage position where it will wait for the driver to return. When the driver is ready to leave with his/her vehicle, upon request, the transfer car retrieves the vehicle and delivers it to one of the lifts. It is then delivered to one of eight transfer cabins on the basement level where the driver exits the parking system via a ramp. The system is operated by Westfalia´s Savanna.NET® software.

About the Customer:
Private Property Management, Abu Dhabi Civil contractor for commercial and residential building projects and provider of real estate property management.

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  • 1,053 parking spaces
  • 8 entry transfer cabins (ground level)
  • 8 exit transfer cabins (basement level)
  • 22 transfer cars with Satellite®
  • 8 vertical lifts


  • 65m X 40m base area
  • 12 levels


  • Less human involvement, therefore less human error
  • Cost-efficient
  • Time-efficient
  • Increased safety
  • Available 24/7

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