Flexible Parking Solutions For Small Spaces

Westfalia automated parking systems are flexible, modular systems uniquely designed for mixed-use, residential and commercial parking. These smart parking solutions cater to designers and investors while setting new safety and comfort standards. Architects and developers have found our garage parking systems to be ideal car parking solutions for small spaces in large, crowded cities where they are building.

Without the need for ramps or driving lanes, these systems can store more vehicles. Not only do they offer more efficient use of limited space, they also provide other advantages. For example, compact parking solutions help reduce emissions by making it unnecessary for drivers to circle lots looking for open spots. They also improve public safety because vehicle owners never have to cross dark or isolated areas to reach their cars.

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Automated parking is very important. We've done it once before and we found that that is the amenity that our buyers appreciate the most. - Tom Scannapieco, Owner, Scannapieco Development Corp

Urban Parking Solutions for Small Spaces

Oftentimes, urban areas become congested with an increasing number of office buildings, entertainment and sporting venues, restaurants, and residential living spaces, which ultimately limits the amount of parking for a growing population. As an alternative to traditional parking garages, which take up large amounts of space, our automated parking garage solutions provide flexibility for any development.

Westfalia offers both pallet-supported and non-pallet parking systems. There are pros and cons with each approach, although it is safe to say that non-pallet solutions appear to be gaining popularity. This is because empty pallet handling is eliminated and the technology itself has become more reliable as it has matured. However, Westfalia's non-pallet solution has the benefit of a 10-year product development and testing cycle to ensure system reliability.

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Non-Pallet Parking Solutions

The palletless automatic parking system uses Westfalia's Satellite® technology that can adjust to the length of the car's wheelbase, allowing the system to handle multiple car sizes. Once the vehicle is positioned in the transfer cabin and the driver and passengers have cleared it, the Satellite drives under the car where the wheels are clamped, transporting the car onto the shuttle. Unlike pallet-supported systems, the vehicle is transported into the parking garage and positioned on a concrete deck. Building construction can be based on concrete or steel, depending on location and construction costs.

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Pallet Parking Solutions

The pallet-supported automatic parking system uses a platform or pallet that the car sits on to transport to and from its parking space. When entering the transfer cabin, the vehicle is immediately parked and positioned on a pallet and remains on the pallet when stored in the garage. Once the pallet with the vehicle is removed from the transfer cabin, an empty pallet is brought back to the transfer cabin for the next vehicle.

Watch pallet-supported parking solution in action

Why Westfalia’s Innovative Car Parking Systems Lead the Marketplace

Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and our history of expertise in automated storage/retrieval systems make us the industry leader in compact parking solutions. Our engineering and design teams approach every project with an eye toward creating the most efficient, safe and environmentally responsible parking solution for the client’s unique building requirements.

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