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Why Automation Is the Future of Parking for Smart Cities

Automated parking is a guaranteed piece that fits perfectly in the smart city puzzle. Thanks to initiatives like carbon neutral goals, smart city technology investment is projected to reach $327 billion by 2025. Being the eco-friendly solution for the future of the built environment, automated parking is sure to integrate nicely with other technology infrastructure implementations aimed at community stability and environmental sustainability.

5 Mythsof Automated Parking

5 Myths of Automated Parking

People are almost always hesitant when it comes to embracing new technologies. Many misconceptions about these technologies include automated parking, where major business decision makers are sometimes hesitant to invest. Here, we will break 5 myths about automated parking systems (APS) and give decision makers a clearer view of the landscape.

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Reliability and Redundancy = Parking Dependability

For most people, vehicles are one of the biggest investments and necessities. Given that the average car is only driven 5% of the time, it makes parking an inevitable part of our daily lives. That’s why ensuring vehicles are parked in a trusted, secured environment while unattended is critical. That’s where automated parking comes in.

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Safety First with Automated Parking Systems

There are a lot of perks that come with an automated parking system such as convenience, ease of use, and peace of mind compared to a conventional parking garage but safety is one of the primary factors that help unlock all the benefits.

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Cutting Greenhouse Gas Pollution with EV Charging & APS

The US is aiming to cut their 2005 greenhouse gas pollution in half by 2030. Although that may be an aggressive plan, electric vehicles can be the key to help achieve the goal. Here are some ways that EV charging can contribute to a greener future.

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The Up Rise of Automated Parking Garages during COVID-19

Like other common areas, parking facilities present a number of challenges when it comes to protecting employees, tenants, and visitors from COVID-19. Automated Parking limits amount of human interaction and significantly improves the safety of these facilities.

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Envision APS: The HOW’s of Automated Parking

With automation on the rise, architects and developers are facing numerous questions regarding automated parking. Welcome to the final blog in Westfalia's Envision APS Blog Series: The How's of Automated Parking, where we will be answering common questions that our team is asked in the context of automated parking systems.