Reliability and Redundancy = Parking Dependability

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For most people, vehicles are one of the biggest investments and necessities. Given that the average car is only driven 5% of the time, it makes parking an inevitable part of our daily lives. That’s why ensuring vehicles are parked in a trusted, secured environment while unattended is critical.

That’s where automated parking comes in. Westfalia's automated parking systems promise reliability and consistency. With over 50 years of global experience in warehouse automation systems across industries, our time-tested technology ensures quality handling of vehicles and a reliable investment for building owners.

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Automated Parking System | 500 Walnut, Philadelphia, PA

With a strong partner like Westfalia, standard barriers of design (like land restrictions or capacity needs) are dismantled, making room for greater economic justification and better space utilization. Take for example the Westfalia palletless parking system that was implemented at 500 Walnut in Philadelphia. The 86-space automated parking system is located in the luxury high rise’s basement. Opened in early 2018, 500 Walnut was the first project in the United States to utilize Westfalia’s new palletless parking system that collects vehicles directly from the two basement levels of concrete floor, allowing for more parking spaces and a luxury amenity as compared to a conventional parking garage.

With Westfalia’s proven reliability and redundancy, this system boasts an availability rating average of 99.7% and has proven convenient and dependable for the building owner and its residents. Residents are able to drive directly into the indoor autocourt of the building without anyone ever having to get into their car, meaning no muddy shoes, nicks in doors from opening them in tight spaces, and residents can safely leave their personal belongings in the car without the fear of tampering.

Automated Parking System | Leifsgade, Copenhagen, Denmark

Westfalia parking systems aren’t just for luxury living spaces, either. For example, the City of Copenhagen implemented three separate Westfalia automated parking garages that have been in continuous operation for more than a decade as public parking facilities. Thanks to a highly dedicated aftermarket and services team, these systems are still in operation and deliver consistently high availability ratings averaging 99.7%, similar to the newer Philadelphia build.

A trusted team of experts

Thanks to our trusted design, Westfalia is able to provide seamless operation throughout the life cycle of the automated system. Our team of experts provide engineering, manufacturing, software, installation, and service support to ensure long term success and system reliability. Working and learning with our team of experts from the very start of a project helps develop confidence in understanding of the parking system's capabilities and they come with a plethora of benefits outside of reliability and redundancy, including:

  • Increase capacity: Westfalia's automated parking systems use 60% less space to park vehicles when compared to a conventional garage.
  • A better user experience: drivers can relax knowing that parking will be easy and their vehicles are safe.
  • Environmental sustainability: automated parking cuts down on emissions by 20% to 30%, reduces noise pollution, contributes to urban green space, and offers electric vehicle (EV) charging.
  • Aesthetically pleasing architecture: functionality and integrity to the city’s style and history is not compromised.

This proven track record of dependability makes Westfalia a strong, long-term automated parking solutions partner. Our time-proven technology and our automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS)-centered designs, coupled with the option for both pallet-supported and non-pallet parking systems, offers reliability and redundancy that is crucial to the future of parking.

To learn more about how our automated parking systems, reach out to one of our experts for a free consultation today!