Anti-aging secrets for automated parking systems

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Leifsgade, Copenhagen – Reliable automated parking for almost 10 years

In a mechanical system such as an automated parking system, both the high availability and how long the system is reliable for are crucial investment criteria. Choosing an experienced system provider with many years of expertise and smooth-running installations is just one aspect of how reliability can be guaranteed.

Quality Control

The selection of high-quality components is the first part of the quality assurance process. From supplier pre-qualification assessments, quality-controlled production processes and inspections to extensive system tests prior to site delivery and installation, the quality of components and of the overall system plays the vital role in ensuring a system’s longevity and reliability.

System planning

An automated parking system forms a highly complex technical system. When planning the installation, the foundation is already laid for reliability. Although a system will consist of durable and high-quality components, when planning to implement an automated parking system it is important to plan for the natural wear and tear of parts and components that require more frequent maintenance. Doing so will allow these parts to be easily accessible and exchanged on the spot without excessive downtime.


Redundantly planned installations minimize the risk of users not being able to park or retrieve their vehicle within the system. In addition, redundant system planning shortens throughput times while preserving the material and extending life cycles.

Service and Maintenance

Nowadays, most malfunctions in a technical system can be remedied by remote maintenance. However, a local service team is recommended to resolve any issues that cannot be solved via remote access. Highly trained and experienced service technicians guarantee a quick recovery from any faults to ensure high customer satisfaction. The service team are experts when it comes to installation and functionality of automation equipment and will be able to carry out inspections and maintenance on the system in a timely manner.

Similar to how you must perform regular checks and inspections on your motor vehicle, automated parking systems are also subjected to regular preventative maintenance. A good automation manufacturer and service team will plan this in such a way that the planned maintenance is based on the actual use of the system to minimize lifecycle costs. This will help to keep your system in good running condition for a long time.

Software Updates

Regular software updates can not only protect the IT systems, they can also bring significant improvements in system control resulting in improved performance and further optimization of the reliability. It is important to discuss a software system support agreement with your automated parking system provider to ensure that your system does not become a legacy system.

Research & Development

Some automated parking manufacturers are constantly working to improve their systems, be it in terms of material, performance and new logistics concepts that may even result in new products. Investors also benefit from this ongoing development, for example, through the installation of newly developed components as part of a maintenance, system modernizations or even extensions.

Vertical Integration

The best investment is certainly in the hands of a vertically integrated provider that employs all the required disciplines: from the planning and creation of hardware and software components to the installation and maintenance of an automated parking system. Doing so not only helps to avoid external interfaces, which often entail time and information losses, but also the constant exchange and cooperation of all departments guarantee high reliability and continuous improvement.

Longevity and reliability can only be achieved through quality at all levels from beginning to end. And this quality may initially be reflected in a higher investment in automation equipment. In the long run, however, by planning ahead, properly maintaining the system and keeping your software systems up-to-date your investment will pay off. Hence, it is worthwhile to focus on quality right from the start.

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