Westfalia's automated parking systems, where quality investments pay off

When it comes to reliability, users of automated parking systems can count on Westfalia. With virtually perfect uptime, Westfalia’s consistency is the backbone of their reliability; you don’t have to worry about any faults impacting the storing or retrieval of your vehicle. For 50 years, companies from various industries have trusted and relied on Westfalia for their automation needs.

By integrating our design, engineering, manufacturing, software, installation, and service support teams from the early stages of the project, Westfalia can not only optimize your automated solution, but also provide a seamless operation throughout the life cycle of a project. We work personally with you from the start of the project to develop confidence in your understanding of the system’s capabilities and all the benefits that automation can provide.

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Automated Parking in The City of Copenhagen

Westfalia provided three separate automated parking garages to the City of Copenhagen, all of which have been in continuous operation as public parking garages for more than a decade. The quality components, proven designs, and dedicated, highly trained service team, have ensured that these systems are still in operation today with consistently high availability ratings averaging 99.7%. We are proud to be one of the automated parking providers with the highest system availability on the market.

You can read more about our three projects in Copenhagen, Demark here: Under Elmene | Norre Alle | Leifsgade

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Automated Parking in 500 Walnut Philadelphia

Fitted with Westfalia’s palletless parking system, SDC offers 500 Walnut residents a level of convenience that they cannot experience anywhere else in the city. Residents are able to drive directly up to the front door of the building without anyone ever having to get into their car. Just like the high availability ratings in Copenhagen, our 500 Walnut system also boasts a 99.7% uptime for the utmost confidence in reliability.

Learn more about 500 Walnut here.

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