Palletless Parking System Demo

Westfalia is a leading supplier of fully automated parking innovations. Non-pallet parking solutions use advanced technology to move vehicles of almost any size to and from spaces inside a parking deck.

To store a car, drivers enter the transfer cabin and exit the vehicle. Once the system is activated, our patented Satellite® technology moves underneath the car and clamps onto the wheels. The vehicle is then transported onto the shuttle, which takes it to and from an available parking spot. 

This type of automation can provide a number of benefits to properties. For example, our solutions enable architects and designers to make better use of space, since they are flexible and can hold more cars. Our palletless options also require less square footage than those that utilize a pallet. This is due to the fact that there is no need to store empty pallets when they are not in use.

Westfalia’s palletless parking system reduces the amount of harmful emissions that come from searching for a parking spot. They offer adequate capacity in cramped urban environments. To learn more about what our offerings can do for your property, watch the video below or reach out to us today.

This video shows a demo of our system at 500 Walnut, Philadelphia, PA.