Why Automation Is the Future of Parking for Smart Cities

Our e-book titled "The Future of Parking: A Guide to Westfalia's Automated Parking Systems," holds a wealth of information and it is highly encouraged to give it a read. However, if a simpler, condensed version is all that's in the cards, we've got you covered.

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Automated parking is a guaranteed piece that fits perfectly in the smart city puzzle. Thanks to initiatives like carbon neutral goals, smart city technology investment is projected to reach $327 billion by 2025. Being the eco-friendly solution for the future of the built environment, automated parking is sure to integrate nicely with other technology infrastructure implementations aimed at community stability and environmental sustainability.

There are roughly 4 parking spots for every 1 car in the US, amounting to billions of parking spaces. The impacts are even more severe when it comes to densely populated areas where conventional parking severely cuts into urban green space, something that directly impacts the health and wellness of those who live in those communities. Luckily our automated parking systems (APS) are a solution, having been used in mixed-use, residential, and commercial buildings across the world from Philadelphia to Copenhagen to Dubai.

With over 50 years of global automated storage experience and American made and manufactured systems, we use tried and tested advanced robotic technology to park and retrieve cars in a secured garage. Our safe and user-friendly parking experience alleviates the traditional pain points of parking like cruising in search for a spot or squeezing into tight spaces.

Westfalia’s APSs are controlled by our Savanna.NET® Parking Control System (PCS) to ensure smooth operations. The PCS works behind the scenes to transport vehicles efficiently throughout the facility through data management, signal interpretation, and delivering instructions to machines all while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

We offer both pallet-supported and palletless parking systems. Our team generally recommends utilizing the more popular palletless system due to vehicle wheel size adaptation which accommodates a wide range of vehicle sizes. Palletless systems also allow vehicles to park directly on the garage floor instead of on an individual pallet, creating significant time and space efficiencies.

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Maximize ROI through system design

Automated parking provides fantastic ROI through increased capacity. Thanks to our utilization of vertical architecture, the ability to build underground and the elimination of typical design elements like ramps, stairwells, and maneuvering space, our APSs use 60% less space to park cars compared to conventional garages. Not only are our parking systems built to reflect cityscapes and to be aesthetically pleasing reflecting unique architecture depending on geographical location, but our design also saves on costs through less building material needed than a conventional garage, increased commercial space that would have been dedicated to parking retrofits, and less required utility usage like lighting and ventilation.

ROI is sure to be at the top of anyone's list who is considering automated parking implementation, and rest assured that it is well worth the investment.

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Safety first. Always

We are passionate about providing the most user-friendly and stress-free parking experience, eliminating the frustration of cruising around trying to find a spot. Additionally, APSs are secure and are not accessible to the public, essentially eliminating any possibilities of property damage, theft, assault, and car accidents (there are more than 50,000 parking lot accidents in the US each year!). In fact, parking garages are one of the most likely settings for violent crime, an issue that is directly addressed with automated parking.

Furthering our commitment to safety, the Westfalia parking app offers a completely contactless experience. Retrieving vehicles has an average wait time of 2 minutes, and real-time data is delivered directly to the user's smartphone with a live countdown display for vehicle retrieval. Our app was built and is managed in-house by our expert software engineers, allowing for a more customizable and flexible app experience based on unique facility needs.


The future of parking is green

Thanks to the elimination of the need to manually maneuver and cruise to find a parking spot, automated parking reduces emissions by up to 80% compared to conventional garages. Our parking solutions offer increased green space with decreased land use, highly important in densely populated areas.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging capabilities are an absolute necessity for both the future smart cities and future driver viability. With increasing government regulations regarding EVs and the shift away from oil usage, cities, municipalities, and property owners will inevitably need to invest in EV charging ports. In fact, there will need to be 2.4 million EV charging ports in the US by 2030 to accommodate the energy needs of the future EV driver, according to the International Council of Clean Transportation. Our patent-pending EV charging solution, WEPLUG®, is designed to be used in our automated parking facilities. WEPLUG offers efficient, convenient, and user-friendly technology that makes charging EVs a breeze.

With AI and IoT changing the way people live, work, and play in cities, automated parking ultimately makes smart cities smarter. Not only does an APS promote safety and sustainability, they also positively impact the health, wellness, and economic growth of surrounding communities. With a focus on ROI, safety, and sustainability, our cutting-edge and time-tested equipment is unparalleled. If it's time to future-proof your project, get in touch with us today!