All in the Family: Why Westfalia's Automated Parking Systems Just Make Sense

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A family is made up of a variety of different characters. In the Westfalia family tree, Automated Storage/Retrieval System (AS/RS) is the glue that holds it all together. It’s why adopting Automated Parking Systems (APS) into our family of proven solutions made perfect sense.

So what is an AS/RS and how does our 30-year success in material handing relate to our parking solutions? It’s time to make some introductions.

What is an AS/RS?

AS/RS is transforming the modern warehouse. As warehousing and distribution becomes more complex and we face challenges like labor shortages or supply chain disruptions, an automated, high-density storage system allows for reliable storage today and the flexibility to grow in the future. For over 30 years, Westfalia has designed, manufactured, and installed intelligent solutions that organize inventory, optimize space, and increase efficiency for our customers in the U.S.

Glenmore Distillery ASRS2
Westfalia AS/RS in Glenmore Distillery, KY

The key benefits of Westfalia’s AS/RS, include:

  • Maximized available storage space in existing structures, avoiding off-site storage and expansions
  • Minimized overall building footprint that is up to 50% compared to conventional warehouses
  • Reduced energy costs by 40% in cooler environments
  • Increased inventory accuracy and customer satisfaction

But what does warehouse design and inventory accuracy have to do with parking? Let’s dive in.

How is AS/RS related to Automated Parking?

Just as the supply chain and logistics industries have grown more complex and created innovative solutions to key challenges, it’s time the world of parking did the same. As urban populations explode and parking spaces get harder to find, today’s cities, property developers, and building owners require a long-term solution. Parking needs to get smarter –and that’s where Westfalia comes in.

Our innovative storage solutions are a lot like an old family recipe that’s passed down for generations: A system designed for excellence with the dependability and reliability of a proven solution. When it comes to finding a solution for the world’s parking problem, Westfalia thought about what it did best and stepped up to the challenge.

Here’s how our Automated Parking Systems work:

Automated Parking utilizes those same space-saving benefits of our AS/RS - 60% greater capacity than traditional parking garages! - but also brings its own unique set of benefits for drivers and building owners alike:

  • Reduced emissions: Automated systems eliminate the need to cruise around looking for a free spot, reducing emissions by up to 80% compared to traditional parking garages.
  • Integrated Electric Vehicle (EV) charging: Automated parking facilities can be integrated with EV charging capabilities. With recent legislation requiring half of all vehicles sold in the US to be electric by 2030, EV charging will soon become a necessity.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Bulky concrete parking garages are an eyesore. Rethinking how we build parking garages also means creating structures that can instead complement historic downtowns or modern cityscapes.

Why Westfalia?

If you’re thinking of implementing automated parking into your next build, it’s important to choose the right partner. Our dedicated team of experts work alongside our customers each step of the way: from planning and design, to manufacturing, to installation and training, to service implementation. And we’re all right here in the U.S.!

Join our family of automated parking systems that is expanding around the US and across the globe. Want to learn more?

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