The Growth of Automated Parking

The Growth of Automated Parking

Article by Justin Stoltzfus, Author, CheetSheet

Multi level parking garage in New York City
Multi-level parking

Automated parking garages are growing fast, but did you know they actually date back to the ‘50s. This industry has grown a lot since then and is recently gaining more attention. Due to population growth, urban areas are now running out of parking spaces and automated parking garages are the perfect solution.

CheetSheet published an article by Justin Stoltzfus that gives insight into the rise of automated parking garages. In this article, Stoltzfus interviews Westfalia’s Joe DePoto, applications engineering manager, on what goes into installing automated parking.

DePoto describes the steps needed to implement a new automated garage and explains how the systems offer superior customer convenience based on each operator's needs. Some of the main benefits DePoto emphasizes are the following:

  • Convenience
  • Security
  • No more lost time searching for a parking spot
  • Simple user-friendly design with kiosks or touch screens
  • Smaller footprint

With these benefits, you are sure to see automated parking garages in more and more urban or landlocked locations in the coming years.

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