EVENT: Westfalia to Sponsor ULI Philadelphia Real Estate Forecast 2019

Westfalia Sponsors Urban Land Institute Philadelphia's Real Estate Forecast 2019

ULIP Hilly Real Estate Forecase Sponsor
Westfalia's parking solutions - Automated Parking Garage - ULI Philadelphia Sponsor

York, Pa. – November 20, 2018 – Westfalia Technologies, Inc. (Westfalia), a leading manufacturer of automated parking systems, is proud to be a Supporting Sponsor for Urban Land Institute Philadelphia’s Real Estate Forecast 2019.The event is scheduled for Nov. 29 at the Union League in Philadelphia and brings together industry leaders to discuss local and national emerging real estate trends in their respective sectors.

Ian Todd, director of automated parking systems, Westfalia Technologies Inc., said, “We are delighted to be a sponsor of Urban Land Institute Philadelphia’s Real Estate Forecast 2019. With the increased amount of traffic on the road coupled with the limited amount of urban land available for development, local governments, developers and architects continue to search for solutions to meet demand when considering new building projects. Since automated parking garages can accommodate 30 to 50 percent more cars with less space than traditional parking garages, it’s a strong alternative to traditional garages and lots.”

Westfalia’s palletless automated parking systems help meet parking demand while providing an aesthetically appealing, environmentally friendly alternative that requires up to 40 percent less space than traditional parking garages. The systems use Westfalia’s Satellite® technology that can adjust to the length of the car's wheelbase, allowing the system to handle multiple car sizes. Once the vehicle is positioned in the transfer cabin and the driver and passengers have cleared the area, users then answer a series of questions on a touch screen. The doors are closed and the vehicle is lowered into the system where the Satellite drives under the car, clamps the wheels and transports the car onto the shuttle.

Unlike pallet-based parking systems, empty pallet handling is eliminated which increases system throughput, or speed. The structures for palletless systems also have the flexibility to be constructed using either concrete or steel which can further reduce construction costs.

For more information about the event, visit https://philadelphia.uli.org/event/save-the-date-real-estate-forecast-2019/.

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