Last Call to Take Westfalia's Online CEU

Last Call to Take Westfalia's Online Education Course on "The Evolution of Parking"

Join 4,000+ architects in learning about the various types of parking systems and how automated systems are changing the future of parking with space savings, user safety and ROI

The Future of Parking Lunch and Learn
Automated Parking CEU course - AIA credits

York, Pa. – November 16, 2020 – Westfalia Technologies, Inc. (Westfalia), a leading manufacturer of automated parking systems, invites architects to join its online continuing education course on “The Evolution of Parking” before it closes in a few weeks. Westfalia, in conjunction with Architectural Record Academies of Digital Learning, is offering a certified course that explores the different types of parking systems and how automated systems are changing the future of parking with lowered emissions, space savings, user safety, and ROI.

Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Discussing land design challenges in large urban areas with increasing numbers of automobiles and shrinking available space for conventional parking garages.
  2. Describing how innovations in automated parking systems are changing urban land-use patterns, allowing forward-thinking designers to preserve on-grade space for parks, recreation, and buildings.
  3. Assessing the space-saving, user-experience, safety, and environmental benefits of automated parking systems.
  4. Explaining the benefits of automated parking systems to property developers and owners in terms of cost, space savings, labor savings, and energy savings as well as the benefits of a turnkey approach to specifying such a system in a project.

The Architectural Record Academies of Digital Learning Education Center is the number one provider of free continuing education (CE) courses from The American Institute of Architects (AIA). Upon the successful completion of each academy, participants receive credits and a digital badge demonstrating their achievement.

Once this course is closed, Westfalia will begin offering its next educational course titled, Automated Parking Systems Demystified: Answering the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Questions about this Innovative Technology. The next course is slated to open in December 2020.

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