Westfalia Technologies Inc. Releases Fully Automated Electric Vehicle Charging Capabilities

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Automated Electric Vehicle Charging

The agreement with GULPLUG covers the development and supply of key components necessary to automatically charge electric vehicles within automated parking systems for a more simple, user-friendly solution for end users

York, Pa. – March 18, 2021Westfalia Technologies, Inc. (Westfalia), one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated parking systems (APS) and logistics solutions for warehouses and distribution centers, announces the launch of its fully automated electric vehicle (EV) charging capabilities. This will be done in conjunction with GULPLUG, a start-up company that accelerates the energy transition and clean mobility thanks to the automatic plug-in of electric vehicles.

The agreement covers the development and supply of key components necessary to automatically charge electric vehicles within APS’s. Westfalia designs and manufactures APS that use robotic technology to store and retrieve vehicles in a secure, space-efficient manner. After parking a vehicle inside the “transfer cabin,” the APS transports the vehicle to its designated parking space where it awaits retrieval. This entire process is controlled by Westfalia’s Savanna.NET® Parking Control System (PCS) and requires no human intervention. The increase in demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging within the APS prompted Westfalia to look for a fully automated solution to charge EVs. The use of the newly developed products, utilizing GULPLUG’s patented technology, in conjunction with robotics provided by Westfalia, is a flexible and competitive solution.

EV charging Process

Ian Todd, Director of Automated Parking Systems, Westfalia Technologies, Inc., said, “We wanted a simple, robust and user-friendly solution for charging EVs in our automated parking systems. After carefully benchmarking available options, we selected GULPLUG to help develop key components of our solution based on their extensive experience charging electric vehicles and its patented technology. Our agreement with GULPLUG means that the developed technology deployed in our automated parking systems will be highly reliable and compatible with all models of electric vehicles.”

“Westfalia is excited about moving the development of a flexible automated electric vehicle charging system forward. Our agreement with GULPLUG ensures that the key connector technology deployed in these applications will function reliably and accommodate a wide range of vehicles,” said Dan Labell, President, Westfalia Technologies, Inc.

“We feel very honored to have been selected by Westfalia Technologies to develop a new solution for them based on our PAM! (Plug-In is Automatic with Magnets!) technology. This agreement enables us to develop the final version of the products this year which will be tested in real-life conditions in an APS as soon as possible and deployed on a larger scale thereafter. We are proud to develop the only automatic plug-in solution compatible with all types of electric vehicles for Westfalia,” added Xavier Pain, CTO and co-founder of GULPLUG.

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