Westfalia Unveils App to Transform the Automated Parking User Experience

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Westfalia parking app

YORK, Pa. – July 29, 2021Westfalia Technologies, Inc. (Westfalia), a leading provider of automated parking and storage solutions, announces the release of the Westfalia Parking App, an all-in-one consumer parking solution that will increase efficiency, safety, and convenience in automated parking facilities. Westfalia’s parking solutions are on the cutting edge of digital transformation and the app introduces an easy, contactless experience for the future of the parking garage.

Westfalia’s automated parking technology is found in parking garages around the world, including in Philadelphia, Dubai, Copenhagen, and other locations. Westfalia’s innovative parking solution completely automates the parking experience, increasing capacity while using less square footage than a conventional garage—with zero sacrifice for vehicle or customer safety. Traditionally, these automated parking facilities required drivers to be present to retrieve their vehicle, using an additional key fob, barcode, or credit card.

The Westfalia Parking App is overhauling this process, with benefits including:

  • A contactless experience: The app offers its customers a contactless experience where drivers can call their vehicle from their home, office, or hotel room immediately or schedule retrieval for a later time.
  • By-the-second tracking: App users can track their vehicle throughout the retrieval process, with a live countdown from when the vehicle leaves its secure parking spot to when it is delivered to the customer and its transfer area location.
  • Quick vehicle retrieval: From tapping “Retrieve Vehicle” on the app to opening their car door, the average waiting time for parking garage users is 2.5 minutes or less.
  • Seamless integration: The app is built and managed by Westfalia’s in-house software engineers. This allows customers to receive timely and accurate app updates, customize the app experience based on their unique needs, and seamlessly integrate with Westfalia’s automated parking systems.

Ian Todd, Director of Automated Parking Systems, Westfalia Technologies, said, “We are thrilled to unveil the Westfalia Parking App for our customers. It will completely change the game for automated parking and bring this innovative technology right to our smart phones. Westfalia is dedicated to providing the best, safest, and most convenient solutions to our customers to help them solve their critical parking challenges, and we’re confident the Westfalia Parking App will do just that.”

With in-house software engineers, the app usability is completely customizable for property owners or developers. Facility owners can tailor the app to fit their needs, from retrieval time limits, number of users and vehicles, and more. The app is available to Westfalia’s automated parking customers on both iOS and Android devices.

Dan Labell, President, Westfalia Technologies, said, “As urban populations continue to grow, fast, convenient, and safe parking solutions are a necessity for today’s property owners, architects, and developers. By connecting our innovative automated parking technology with a user-friendly app, Westfalia is leading the way for digital transformation in parking and storage.”

For more information about the Westfalia Parking App and parking solutions, contact us here. To learn more about Westfalia’s automated parking and storage solutions, click here.

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Leveraging the expertise and experience of Westfalia Technologies, Inc. and Westfalia Logistics Solutions Europe GmbH Co. KG, Westfalia’s new parking solution is paving the way for innovation in the automated parking industry. By capitalizing on existing core competencies in warehouse automation and materials handling, Westfalia’s parking solutions specialize in cutting-edge, time-tested fully-automated parking systems for businesses, cities and municipalities, hotels, and residential properties for the Americas, Europe and Middle East. To learn more about these parking solutions, please visit www.WestfaliaParking.com.

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