2009 Graz, Austria 198 parking spaces

ÖWG RONDO Marienmühle

Creating space for additional building projects with automated parking

The nonprofit real estate developer ÖWG was looking for a space-efficient solution to accommodate vehicles that at the same time would allow them to save land for other building projects. With an automated parking solution, ÖWG does not only have sufficient parking space for residents in a reduced volume. It also saves the residents´ time accessing their apartments.

Westfalia's Solution:
Once having parked the vehicle in one of the four transfer cabins and having answered the questions on the display system, the vehicle is moved on a lift to be handed over to a crane delivering the vehicle to its allocated storage position. Upon request the crane retrieves the vehicle and delivers it to the lift that transports the vehicle back to the transfer cabin. The system is operated by Westfalia´s Savanna.NET® software

About the Customer:
ÖWG is one of the biggest and financially stable nonprofit builders in Austria's Steiermark region, having built more than 30,000 apartments and providing property management services for more than 40,000 units.

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  • 198 parking spaces
  • 4 transfer cabins
  • 2 S/RM (stacker cranes) with Satellite®
  • 4 scissor lifts


  • 81.8m X 8.4m base area
  • 4 levels


  • Cost-efficient
  • Time-efficient
  • Increased safety
  • Less human involvement, therefore less human error

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