Parking Management and Solutions for Small Spaces

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Cities are a great coming-together of a wide range of cultures and influences, where turning a corner can feel like stepping into a different world. Although concentrating so much into such a relatively small space gives cities their character and is one of the biggest strengths of the urban environment, it also represents a significant challenge for developers. Space is at a premium in the city, and developers have to balance the practical needs of their properties with the visions they have for them. One of the most prominent examples of this balancing act is parking.

Properties need parking spaces, but parking lots eat up valuable street-level real estate and can have a negative impact on the aesthetics. Traditional parking garages carry with them other liabilities for property owners and developers, such as public safety concerns and pollution.

Fortunately, there is a solution for developers and property owners that want to optimize their properties while still satisfying the need for parking. An intelligent parking system designed by Westfalia can fit a lot of parking into a smaller space while offering numerous advantages.

A Good Idea in a Small Package

An automated parking system is a perfect example of a parking solution for small spaces because it makes the most of the space available. By storing cars in a garage through the use of an automated lift, these systems require less space and can be built underground. They will be out of sight from the public and free more of the property for other uses.

So how does automated parking work? After a driver enters the transfer area, he or she gets out of the vehicle and exits to the kiosk or pay station. The vehicle is then lowered by the robotic lift down to the storage location. Using Satellite® technology, the vehicle is positioned on a transfer car and moved to an available parking space inside the garage. When the driver is ready to leave, he or she returns to the transfer area, swipes their fob or ticket and waits for the automated lift to return the car back to ground level. Because there’s no need for the driver to circle a lot or garage looking for a space, an automated parking system can occupy less space and fit more vehicles.

Added Benefits of Automated Parking

Not only can an automated parking system be a space-saving parking management solution for the urban environment, but it also provides developers and property owners with more benefits when compared to traditional lots and garages. For example, because automated parking systems don’t require drivers to walk to and from their vehicles through an unattended lot, they are much safer and your vehicle is securely stored.

Since these systems transport the vehicles to and from their storage spaces without the need to have the engine running, they also cut down on pollution caused by idling cars or drivers looking for a spot. These factors alone make automated parking systems even more attractive to developers and property owners in the urban environment — where criminals can prey on people in isolated spaces and pollution can be a lingering problem.

Cities offer so much in a relatively small space, so why use any more of that space for parking? An automated parking system from Westfalia can be an elegant answer to the problem of fitting parking into a tight space.

Reach out to our experts today to learn more about the benefits of automated parking and what solutions we can provide to fit your project requirements.